He will share with the fresh delegation your fiance should be removed care of

He will share with the fresh delegation your fiance should be removed care of

After their particular acceptance, new oldest between your bride’s loved ones (usually their own father’s brother) will present the brand new bride to be with the abusuapanyin (lead of one’s groom’s loved ones).

Engagement Dress (Kente)

This new engagement skirt, also known as brand new Kente, is a crucial part out-of good Ghanaian traditional wedding. A beneficial Kente is a colorful bit of material that’s indigenous towards the Ashanti tribe away from Ghana. This new Kente comes with cotton and you will thread featuring bright colors and you may detailed models.

Within the wedding ceremony, the latest groom and bride don matching Kente attire. The brand new Kente can be created by new groom’s family members, therefore functions as a symbol of new couple’s relationship. The fresh new Kente is frequently passed down out of one generation to another and is extremely valued when you look at the Ghanaian community.

In recent years, brides have started to incorporate progressive appearances in their Kente attire. Particular brides always incorporate lace or embroidery on the Kente, while others go for a more sophisticated build. No matter what concept, the fresh new Kente stays a significant part of one’s Ghanaian antique marriage.

Bride-to-be Rate

The brand new bride to be price is with this record because it is truly the only routine you to definitely completes good Ghanaian wedding ceremony in itself. A man get ignore every lifestyle, tradition, and you may compulsory measures.

But as long as the guy pays the latest bride to be rates entirely, she is legitimately their wife considering culture and you can legislation. The brand new contents of the bride’s rates otherwise dowry believe the newest group and people.

Whenever you are money is common in lots of Ghanaian societies, most other dowry items tend to be ranch animals particularly cattle, goats, or sheep otherwise gold and silver such as for instance silver.

Some group want to receive a great token sum and therefore shows the newest pleasure on the heritage to make the Ghanaian relationship legitimate under law and you can individualized.

Lower than Akan custom, as well as the bride rate, the fresh groom’s entourage must establish this new akontasekan (money) towards bride’s brothers and you may male cousins if the she is the actual only real feminine child regarding nearest and dearest.


Vofofo try a customs by Ewe where a person away from marital many years sends a cooking pot away from palm wine with the father of their suggested.

Since dad receives it hand wines, he requires new groom’s messengers to return having his respond to inside thirty day period.

It schedule offers the bride’s dad the amount of time the guy has to find out about the potential bridegroom, their condition, and his members of the family. When your bride’s parents are happy with this new groom’s relatives background and you may perform, they accept to the brand new marriage’s abilities.

Demonstration away from Kola

The fresh new speech away from kola is found on which record as the kola freak ‘s the lifeblood and you will soul of a lot West African cultures, together with marriages.

This new oldest member of the team takes the brand new kola and offers prayers. This new kola nut is actually damaged to your parts and you may gets distributed BesГёk dette nettstedet her to the newest collecting, regarding very elder towards youngest.

When your bride’s loved ones allows the wedding suggestion, both grab a chew of your kola since indicative out of acceptance.

Brand new Involvement Listing

This is the the main Ghana wedding customs the new groom is extremely careful of. The fresh well known listing. The fresh new wedding number isn’t getting confused with new presentation regarding presents into bride’s members of the family.

The new engagement list contains every item needed to pacify this new people into the giving the fresh new daughter towards bridegroom.

So it engagement list additionally the merchandise in this was from higher significance if the groom are out-of another area otherwise group. If bride marries this new bridegroom, she gets a person in his neighborhood without longer brand new area away from their father.

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