Here happens this new fiance escorted from the their particular girlfriends whom holdan padded coverlet – bolimpush more than their unique head

Here happens this new fiance escorted from the their particular girlfriends whom holdan padded coverlet – bolimpush more than their unique head

At home of your betrothed girl there’s also a plov service, this time around for women – locals, family relations and you can bride’s girlfriends. And you may what is more, the fresh plov are going to be produced from the ingredients put regarding groom’s family. In a few areas of Uzbekistan, inside the Fergana area in particular, it is vintage into groom’s nearest and dearest to create into the good unique barrow a cauldron with newly-prepared plov towards bride’s domestic.

The new bride’s lead was adorned having a distinctive gilded openwork kokoshnik tillya-kosh with lots of necklaces

The following day the brand new bridegroom, his relatives and you can family with the brand new artists to try out the latest doyra and surnay started to the fresh bride’s household in order to allowed their own mothers. Are currently dressed the latest bride-to-be was expecting the brand new bridegroom within the the business from their own girlfriends. But not, the situation had has just changed and now not merely community girls, but also those located in the metropolis choose the Vietnam-brude Uzbek old-fashioned clothing regarding a bride. Inside Tashkent and you can Fergana regions the fresh new bride was wear a great white cotton skirt or a dress produced from khan-atlas and a keen padded sleeveless jacket, a cotton dressing up gown otherwise a beneficial velvet silver-padded camisole. It’s covered with an effective gauzy veil to full cover up the new bride’s face from indiscreet looks. Regarding under the skirt you’ll find noticeable velvet or cotton large trousers hemmed with an embroideredband – djiyak. Inside Khoresm brand new bride is supposed to placed on a lengthy tunic-for example cotton skirt off pink otherwise white colour, a crimson unbuttoned putting on a costume dress and you may reddish broad pants. Which gowns is formulated that have upward-toed shoes and you can an excellent headdress takya-duzi in the way of a good conic-designed cap. Within the Surkhandarya area brides put on reddish dresses towards the relationships ceremony.

A lot of jewelry complementing the brand new bride’s clothing aren’t just festive jewellery, but have wonders and you can routine benefits. Toward wedding day for the first time inside her lifestyle the brand new bride-to-be leaves into the bands, necklaces and you can a nose-band symbolizing relationship fidelity. All the time the fresh temple adornments connected from the chains was sensed a type of coverage resistant to the evil eyes also amulet-instances – cancers.

The fresh new bride’s area is decorated that have suzanes, all their particular attires holding to them. In one place of your own area bride’s family relations – a married few who may have resided a lengthy and you may delighted lives – plan an effective curtain – chimilik decorated with gorgeous embroidery toward two sides cut which have white cloth. Similarly of your own curtain it hang a solid wood scoop and a knife, on the other side – hot yellow pepper. With respect to the old faith, a knife favors another type of household members that have a birth away from a great fearless and you will courageous young man; a scoop augurs a birth of an excellent child – good family-keeper. And you may pepper covers the newest contentment out-of an earlier couple against the evil vision.

The present day bride to be is generally wearing a marvelous white skirt having a subway, a cap which have good veil and white gloves

It represents a pleasurable “roof” in-marriage. The bride try produced trailing chimilik. The woman is followed closely by the bridegroom. The guy tips trailing the brand new curtain to the musical accompaniment of smiling songs. Their family is dance as much as. A reputable elderly woman starts learning a blessing prayer on the young couples and all of those people present in the room join their unique throughout the prayer.

To help you drive aside evil comfort seniors women which have lit candle lights inside their give walk around the place curtained having chimilik three times, whereas brand new bridegroom and also the bride-to-be sit to the with the a blanket – kurpacha produced from multi-colored items of fabric. Following honey is introduced. The fresh bridegroom would be to taste they first immediately after which have so you’re able to the fresh bride-to-be together with his very own give in order that its further lives might possibly be nice. Chances are they bring a mirror, that was not put in advance of by the someone else. The young couple would be to look for both inside echo. Upcoming the newest groom leaves on the an eye fixed or a wristband with the bride’s wrist. Ahead of the more youthful few they laya content – dastarkhan, including created from short bits of fabric, which is said to promote success to your house. Candy and you will flat desserts are placed into the dastarkhan.

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